How fast is your Broadband?

In order to understand how fast your broadband speeds are, it’s important to understand the different types of internet speeds and how you needs may vary depending on your online activity.

Download speeds

The most commonly used by all internet provides when advertising their broadband packages. Download speed relates to how quickly a website, music, video or any other files off of the internet are transferred from the source to your device.

Internet usage is increasing and the need for faster download speeds are increasing. Once upon a time 2Mbps was considered quick. Now, most internet providers supply 8-10Mbps as a standard package. The UK government has set aside millions of pounds to reach their target of supplying 95% of the UK with download speeds of over 25Mbps. To find out more, read Superfast Broadband.

When could download speeds be important to you?

Download speeds are normally most import to the majority of internet users. If you use video or music streaming channels such as Netflix, YouTube, BBC Iplayer, streaming television, Apple Music, etc. download speeds are likely to be an important factor when choosing broadband speeds.

Upload Speeds

Upload speeds are often forgotten about when internet providers are advertising their Broadband packages. Upload speeds relate to the speeds at which information can be uploaded to the internet to be received by another source. We’ve all uploaded our holiday pics to our favourite social media sites. Typically, with most internet providers upload speeds are noticeable slower. With most broadband providers they are normally only one tenth of download speeds. Wurzel achieve far greater speeds.

When are upload speeds important to you?

For general internet use, the upload speeds would be important when sharing information such as images, music and video with friends and social media site. If you play and host online gaming upload speeds are important to you.

Many businesses now need to share information over the internet. Trying to upload large files with poor upload speeds can waste vast amounts of time for employees. Modern businesses should ask about upload speeds when choosing a provider.

Ping Speeds

Ping speeds relate to how fast you receive a response after a command was sent out over the internet. Ping speeds are different because they relate to a time. Therefore, a better ping speed has a lower number. A ping speed of under 50ms is generally considered OK.

When would Ping speeds be important to you?

Fast ping speeds for online gamers is essential. This relates to how quickly your game responds to your actions. A ping speed of over 50ms is now considered relatively poor for gaming experience.


Test your Broadband speeds with Ookla


Typical Wurzel internet speeds


Download speed



Upload speed




Ping speed


If you would like to find out more about internet speeds and how we are helping residents, businesses and communities achieve faster broadband speeds please get in touch.

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