Superfast Broadband is the term to describe internet download speeds in excess of 24 Mbps.

The UK Government has set a goal of achieving 95% coverage of Superfast Broadband coverage by 2017. Rural Oxfordshire has previously received internet download speeds less than 5 Mbps. Today’s internet usage requirements of cloud computer programmes, advanced browsers, online gaming, video streaming such as Netflix and online telephone systems has meant domestic and business properties are needing much faster download speeds than ever before. if you would like to know more about internet speeds and test your Broadband speeds visit Broadband speeds explained.

The UK government are determined to reach their target and have already set aside funding of £1.7 billion. The latest scheme is the Connection Vouchers Scheme that has provided businesses and organisation across the country including Oxfordshire with up to £3000 grant for Superfast Broadband installations. If you would like to take advantage of this scheme please visit Oxfordshire Broadband Connection Vouchers.

Wurzel have been helping the government achieve their targets in Oxfordshire. We are able to supply Superfast Broadband to residential and business properties with high speed internet in excess of 100Mbps.

Oxfordshire and parts of the Cotswolds have notoriously been hard to reach for most broadband providers. Wurzel has forged their business by providing fast and reliable Superfast Broadband to the hardest to reach of locations. Wurzel use both traditional fibre and wireless internet technology to connect premises with Superfast Broadband. Wurzel supply internet to businesses, residential properties, communities and large scale events. We have supplied Broadband to Cornbury Music festival, Oxford University, James Bond film set and many large high profile residential properties.


If you would like to find out more about Superfast Broadband in Oxfordshire, please visit

Oxfordshire Broadband

If you would like to find out more about Superfast Broadband in the Cotswolds, please visit

Cotswold Broadband

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