Do you live in a community where you wish internet speeds were faster? If so, Wurzel would like to hear from you.

Community Broadband

Many communities are waiting on the numerous resellers to dig Fibre to their location. At Wurzel we use both Fibre and Wireless technology. With wireless technology we are able to connect communities to Superfast broadband many years before Fibre Broadband is installed.
We work with your community to install Superfast Broadband as quickly and easily as possible. We can install to both businesses and domestic premises and will do what we can to get everyone connected.

Wurzel have already connected multiple communities across Oxfordshire with Superfast Broadband. We are currently connecting new locations every day. We are already able to provide Superfast Broadband to the majority of locations. Registering your interest as a community will help us prioritise installation in your community. You will be pleased to know our installation process is normally hours and days as opposed to months and years. Installing multiple locations in a single area keeps installation costs and time, to a minimum.

If your community has a local business, Sole trader or Charity that would like to take advantage of free installation as part of the government connection vouchers scheme, please visit connection vouchers for more details.

Register for Community Broadband

If you would like to notify us of your community and help us reach your location sooner. Please leave a message below and tell us about your situation. We will be in contact with you to discuss the options available to you.

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