Superfast Broadband in Oxfordshire with Wurzel

We supply superfast broadband to the hard to reach locations of Oxfordshire. We are a private broadband provider and do not rely on the services of BT. Because of this we are able to supply internet of the highest speeds to rural Oxfordshire where other broadband companies cannot reach.

Broadband speeds in rural Oxfordshire have long been a problem for homes and businesses. Many towns and villages have been dependent on the speed at which BT can place fibre. There is a wide range of resellers who all rely on BT to provide their Broadband.

With Wurzel we supply direct from fibre or use Air Fibre wireless technology to supply even the hardest to reach locations with superfast broadband. Our speeds are incredibly quick, supplying constant upload and download speeds with incredibly low ping speeds. This makes streaming HD video, playing online video games and running VoIP and other crucial business systems a breeze.

We are able to provide speeds of up to 200 mbps up and down to your location.

Residential Broadband

Wurzel supply superfast broadband to residential properties across Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds. We use the latest in wireless technology to provide superfast broadband speeds capable of up to 200 Mbps. We specialise in providing superfast broadband to locations in Oxfordshire where superfast broadband is too expensive or not yet possible to install. Wurzel are an independent broadband provider and are not reliant on the BT or their re-sellers to lay fibre. We have a superfast installation process and in many cases you can be enjoying the benefits of high speed internet within days of contacting us. Our residential services cover small properties to large country estates. We have a wealth of experience in managing large scale projects and have worked with architects, builders and electricians to ensure homes have optimum internet speeds in every room and that the buildings network is sustainable for the future.

Business Broadband

Whether you are working from home or have large scale offices, high speed internet speeds are crucial for business. Wurzel offer superfast broadband with a remarkable turnaround of service. We provide excellent support and work with your business to ensure your business systems receive the broadband speeds required.
We use both wireless and fibre technology to supply superfast broadband speeds up to 200Mbps. If your business is looking for a location in Oxfordshire where broadband speeds are not adequate, Wurzel can help you assess your location and fully manage the installation no matter how large or small the property.

Our business clients include the James Bond Spectre creation team, Soho Farmhouse, Aynho Park, Nicholsons Nurseries and many more confidential clients.

If you are a business and would like to receive free installation courtesy of the government superfast broadband grants, please see the connection vouchers information below.

Community Projects

Wurzel have helped many hamlets, villages and small towns receive superfast broadband. Our community project is aimed at a group of properties who would all like to receive faster broadband. Community installation helps keep costs down to a minimum. If you are interested in community project with Wurzel please get in touch with us, we are happy to meet with your community to discuss the project and any questions you may have.

West Oxfordshire

Wurzel have a base near Chipping Norton and specialise in providing local businesses and large residential properties with superfast broadband. We have a large covering of West Oxfordshire and supply superfast Oxfordshire broadband to Great Tew, Duns Tew, Burford, Gaggingwell, Enstone and Woodstock.

West Oxfordshire Coverage

Oxfordshire broadband West


Our broadband speeds in North Oxfordshire are second to none. We supply businesses with speeds in excess of 100 mbps. Internet speeds are extremely important and we can deliver superfast speeds to offices, business parks, country estates and residential homes. We cover the majority of the North Oxfordshire area including Cropedy, Banbury, Adderbury, Ayhno, Deddington, Bicester. If you are wondering whether you can receive Wurzel superfast broadband, the chances are, we will cover your location.

Cherwell Coverage

Cherwell Broadband Oxfordshire

South Oxfordshire

Having recently completed a large install in South Oxfordshire near Wallingford, we can now provide superfast broadband to many locations in South Oxfordshire including Thame, Chinnor, Watlington, Henley on Thames.

South Oxfordshire Coverage

Oxfordshire Broadband South

Vale of the White Horse

Due to the geographical nature of the Vale of White Horse we are able to supply superfast broadband to nearly any location. The high points makes wireless internet easy to deliver in the places where fibre broadband cannot reach. We’ve had the pleasure of providing the idyllic rural offices with the internet speeds modern businesses need. Faringdon, Wantage, Shrivenham, Abingdon, Didcot.

Vale of White Horse Coverage

Oxfordshire Broadband Vale of White Horse


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