With Ofcom outlining new plans to ensure faster rollout of fibre broadband across the UK, most notably in rural areas of the country. This will be done by giving other service providers access to BT’s extensive network of telegraph poles and ducts.

Ofcom outlined their intentions on the 6th December, they stated that the access to more resources would increase the competition between BT and its rivals such as Virgin and TalkTalk. Ofcom proposes the extra competition will increase investment in fibre broadband across the UK. Fibre is considered a much faster and much more reliable connection. BT have long since preferred copper-based wires for their service. According to Ofcom, the increased competition in Spain and Portugal has improved the nations coverage of fibre broadband to 70%. Whereas, the UK has only delivered fibre broadband to around 2% of the nation.

This increase in competition will also reduce the UK’s service provider’s reliance on Openreach. This is a great positive for all of BT’s rivals as Openreach have often been said to favour BT over the other service providers. Ofcom have often criticised BT for not giving their rivals access to its vast network of poles and ducts. Following on from its criticism of BT, Ofcom have decided to split BT and Openreach following competition concerns.

The director of Ofcom’s competition policy department said ‘Fibre is the future for broadband, and Ofcom is helping to deliver that through competition between networks.’ He went on to say ‘Our plans will give providers increased confidence to invest in their own full-fibre networks at reduced cost.’

This change imposed by Ofcom could take months, even years to be properly rolled out across the UK. Our service can be put into place immediately. We run off our own private network and do not repurpose BTs connection. We specialise in delivering a fast and secure connection to the most rural of areas. If you are looking to receive superfast speeds for your home or business, then get in touch with us today.

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