Ofcom, the independent communications regulator in the UK, have come out and warned BT as well as other major ISPs that they are not doing enough for their customers. Due to their unreliable internet connections and poor customer service standards, they are being seen in the same vein as banks.

Sharon White warned BT it is now ‘out of kilter’ with public expectations because of its poor customer service. They have also been accused of not investing enough resources in keeping its network up to date and reliable. They have been accused of focusing solely on profit instead of the customer’s satisfaction and quality of the service they provide.

BT were subsequently warned about their relationship with Openreach, it was stated that more should be done to separate the two entities. Openreach owns the pipes and cables that supplies broadband across the UK, they are also owned by BT. Ofcom have suggested that Openreach has more of an ‘incentive’ to favour BT over their competitors.

BT Openreach Van

Openreach Van on site

BT have resisted attempts to split the two arms of its business but have now been warned that changes must be made to the way it works as to avoid a monopoly in the market. As of today, Ofcom have ordered BT to legally separate themselves from Openreach. Openreach are to become a distinct company with their own executives and board, not affiliated with BT.

Ofcom want BT to address consumers concerns that they aren’t getting a good deal. BT need to make sure that their engineers turn up to appointments to fix customers’ problems and invest in the upkeep of its network.

BT have been accused of not having a strong enough focus on the quality of service they provide, if you were to look at their customer service ranking they are right at the bottom. They have fallen out of kilter with what the public expect.

This proclamation by Ofcom comes after an announcement made by the Government of a £400 million boost to deliver fibre broadband to homes across the UK. This money will be handed to smaller companies in a bid to force BT to improve its quality of service. As well as to get more rural businesses and communities connected to reliable internet speeds.

Ofcom have acknowledged that there are huge gaps in coverage in rural areas there are also gaps in parts of cities. Meaning smaller businesses in cities and rural areas are the ones suffering. The main aim for Ofcom and the Government funding is to close the existing gap and do more to help SMEs.

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