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Superfast Rural Broadband

We supply high speed broadband for rural and hard-to-reach areas. Rather than using old copper, we use fibre and wireless.

Rural High Speed Internet

Wireless connectivity, or fibre - Wurzel have a number of access points available near you.


Working with our close partners (Visual Control Systems) to make sure your premises are secure. The internet releases all kinds of products, like IP Cameras, Control 4 and much more.

Community Projects

We work together to develop solutions for villages, or local community groups. There are various solutions available including superfast fibre and superfast wireless connectivity

Tech Support

We work with you to keep your devices up-to-speed via your new Wurzel high speed connection.

Connecting the Countryside with High Speed Broadband




Prices vary from area to area, depending on how far the location is from the Wurzel core network.

For those who require extra speed we offer a higher-speed service that starts from 50mbps down and 50mbps up, prices on application. All kinds of speeds can be unlocked with Wurzel wherever your location

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We can help improve your business’ productivity / efficiency and save you money – whether you are based in a town or in the countryside - by supplying high-speed internet.

Speed can be chosen from 5mbps up to 10000mbps depending on location.
Through our unique service we can connect you to real world. We are there supporting you 24/7. Our service level agreements can be bespoke to your business and no overseas call centres. Your local Wurzel representative will be most likely the person you are in touch with most of the time if any at all. We promise to be with you in any circumstance within 4 hours.

Without the need for old copper connections – you don’t need to be located near to a BT exchange. With our highly skilled workforce and site planning experts we can get to you.

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Our happy clients


"We've been running on 1mb for the last two years and Wurzel have brought a stately home into the 21st century with our 35mb connection that suits our business and big event needs. The most amazing thing is we could have one gigabyte but we don't need it! They specify your usage according to your premises. Great job, thanks!""

"Aynhoe Park"

""Fantastic! We are situated in the middle of nowhere and we have got 20mb up and down. BT are so far off of the connection we have now. They are nice guys and worth just having a chat to.""

"Niel Nicholson"


""Before I moved to my village a year ago, I was aware of the advertised ADSL speeds of up to 5MB. Being a home worker I signed up with a third party ISP who promised the best service available with their bonding solution. This was very expensive but, I thought, worthwhile as connectivity was vital for me and my business. Unfortunately, I endured nine months of dismal ADSL service, with slow speeds and continuous dropped connections. At this time that I stumbled upon Wurzel, who were in the process of expanding their microwave network in the area. A site visit that took 15 minutes, and involved a drone, was followed by an installation date set for a few days later. Bang on time, the installation team arrived, installed a small radio transmitter, and I was enjoying 10MB both up and down within the hour. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. Wurzel had empowered me to continue my work/life balance in a completely relaxed and professional manner in no time at all. The service has been rock solid since the installation and Wurzel are always on the end of a line if you have any questions. It's amazing to think I could have 100MB+ at the flick of a switch and all without the draconian service levels of BT and the unreachable Openreach. "

"Marshall Brooke"

"We are a village in the middle of no where. Wurzel connected us and we are very happy with the service."

"Over Worton"


"This is a quick message to give you and your team a big thank you for installing and setting up my Wurzel Broadband. The whole procedure was extremely smooth, with the installation being done on the Friday morning. Workmanship was to a high standard, particular the routing of external wiring which has all been hidden behind drainpipes and other structures. All dust and debris from drilling through walls was cleaned away, and you would not have known they had been here. The consistency and speed/bandwidth is much greater than the old BT setup."

""Chris" a Residential Client in Chipping Norton"

Our work in Oxfordshire

Wurzel are an Oxfordshire based company. We have built our network around the rural businesses and residential properties in local towns and villages. We supply superfast broadband to the hard to reach rural locations. We are the broadband providers connecting the countryside.

If you would like to find out more about our work in Oxfordshire, please see below.

Oxfordshire Broadband


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